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Application Development

  • 25 years of Omnis development expertise
  • Standalone applications
  • Integrated applications or modules to VisionX
  • Examples of projects we have developped:
    • Club Management systems
    • Project Management systems
    • Fuel Distribution system for an Airport Fixed Base Operation (FBO)


VisionX Customization

  • Modify any screen or report format
  • Add complete modules
  • Integrate another application to VisionX
  • Build data bridges between VisionX and another application
  • Create webpages that directly access a VisionX datafile


Website Development

  • Dreamweaver expertise
  • Add web access to VisionX datafiles


Macintosh Networking and Systems

  • 24 years of Macintosh expertise
  • Macintosh and Windows mix networks


Omnis Studio Developer

  • 25 years of Omnis expertise
  • One of the first Omnis developer in the US
  • Omnis 3, Omnis 5, Omnis 7, and Omnis Studio knowledge
  • Omnis application conversion to Omnis Studio
  • Web integration of Omnis applications